2024 NC/CLAS Technology Preparation Guide

We strongly recommend that all panelists or presenters bring their presentation on a portable USB device. Please communicate with your fellow panelists in advance to combine your presentation into one file or onto one USB to streamline the transition between presentations. As a backup, you can email the presentation to yourself or store the presentation on a device that connects via HDMI port. We strongly recommend using a Windows system because the technology in the building is most compatible with Windows. If you are using a Mac laptop, please bring your own HDMI adapter.

As you prepare for the conference, read below for further details on how to connect to the technology in the presentation rooms. 

  1. Are you a UNC affiliate with an ONYEN?

If yes, log into the computer system in the room with your ONYEN. Insert your USB device into the computer system. Open the file explorer to search for the USB device. Click on the USB device name and open your presentation file.

If no, and you do not have a UNC affiliated panel member, you MUST connect your laptop via HDMI port. Once your laptop is connected, you will search for your presentation on your laptop’s hard drive files or via your inserted USB device.

  1. Are you planning to connect your laptop to the system?

We recommend using the computer system in the room and plugging your portable USB device into the room’s technology.

If yes, your laptop must have an HDMI port. If you are bringing a Mac laptop, you will need to bring your own HDMI adapter. Connect your laptop via the HDMI cord provided near the computer system in the room. Once connected, search your files to open your presentation.

If no, you will need to connect via a portable USB device to the system in the room. To connect to the system in the room, you must log in using the appropriate credentials. Once logged in, insert the USB into the room’s system and search in files to open your presentation.

  1. Are you having a panelist join virtually?

If yes, contact Brianna Gilmore in advance at briannag@live.unc.edu ; 919-966-1484 as it requires additional technology support. It is the panel’s responsibility to set up a Zoom meeting link before the conference day.

If no, no action is needed.