overhead photo of the US-Mexico border

The Counter-Cartographies of the Global South Working Group is a collective of artists and creative research scholars at UNC and Duke engaging with Indigenous, Black, and feminist mapping methodologies in the Americas. We envision using a playful collaborative ethic to remain open to wonder and to unsettle what has become dogmatic and hegemonic in the theories and practices of cartographic geo-visualization.

Our method is two-fold. On the one hand, we plan to share our own work with each other (e.g., art, visuals, performances, recordings, and writing) to travel across worlds of representation and learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. On the other hand, we will hold space for conversations with invited artists to center examples from Indigenous and feminist mapping and visualization in the Americas, and to follow a conversational and experience-centered approach to the topics of orality, territoriality, and border thought.


Coordinated by:

Prof. Gabriela Valdivia (Geography, UNC, valdivia@email.unc.edu)
Prof. Javier Arce (Geography, UNC, jarce@live.unc.edu)
Prof. Susan Harbage Page (Art, UNC, pages@email.unc.edu)
Prof. Michelle Lanier (Center for Documentary Studies, Duke, michelle.lanier@duke.edu).
Prof. Ruth Matamoros Mercado (Geography, UNC, mmercado@unc.edu)
Ina Shkurti (Geography, UNC, ishkurti@unc.edu)