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This group aims to foster a dialogue concerning critical environmental issues affecting Latin America, and improve the understanding of the natural, social, historical, economic, political, and cultural contexts in which these environmental issues are embedded. WGELA’s board members come from a variety of disciplines, ranging from energy to conservation, which will naturally promote interdisciplinary perspectives and conversations on the environment in Latin America.

Through talks and panels, WGELA creates a space for environmental scientists working in Latin America to educate and inspire students to engage in research in a variety of fields. Interacting with faculty and experts in Latin American issues will provide opportunities for students to connect and network for their own research experiences. Additionally the group will support serious academic research more directly through collaboration with the new Amazon Humanities Lab. This lab takes an intersectional approach for studying the Amazon by engaging students of multiple majors. Planned activities include a film screening, guest speakers and panel discussions with faculty who work on environmental issues, among other things.

Coordinated by:

Prof. Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke,
Prof. Jennifer Swenson (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke,
Aubrey Knier (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke)
Jonathan Peralta
(Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke)
Nick Valby
(Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke)
Allison Bettencourt
(Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke)
Israel Golden
(Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke)

Upcoming Events

Join us for a Zoom presentation and Q&A session with Mariah Barber, MPH and PhD candidate in Public Health at Florida A&M.

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Past Events

Monday, March 15 @ 5 pm

Silvana of Soul Cocina

Virtual Cooking Class with Soul Cocina

Since the first event was such a success, WGELA in partnership with the Black and Latinx Club (BLC) invite you to join us for a second Colombian-inspired virtual
cooking class!

Silvana, local chef of Soul Cocina presents Plantains 101

Born in Colombia, Silvana grew up among a rich food culture and agricultural tradition where making food from scratch was the norm. She showed a strong curiosity when visiting farmer’s markets with her family, asking endless questions about the herbs and vegetables on offer. She has traveled extensively, always learning about new cooking techniques, visiting markets for inspiration and learning new recipes from the locals. In 2015, her vision became a reality: Soul Cocina, a plant-based company that focuses on providing nutritious, innovative meals to people from all walks of life. Her delicious, healthy meals can be ordered online and are found at different farmer’s markets in the NC triangle area. 

Wednesday, Oct 28 @ 7 pm

poster for Jaguar, Voice of a Territory

Streaming of film: Jaguar, Voice of a Territory

Jaguar, Voice of a Territory is a Colombian production that took a decade to complete. It talks about love, affection, respect, humility, temperance and courage. It talks about balance with oneself and the other. It is the voice of a territory and a tradition where the jaguar dwells and seeks to be heard.

It is a tour through the mountains, jungles and plains where the jaguar has directly engaged with humans, creating a journey of chants, myths and cultural traditions which narrate the history of the man-jaguar relationship, and speak to the importance of preserving this species which finds itself severely threatened.

*With participation of Director Simón González Vélez.