Plenary Round Table –
Latin America in Translation Series, featuring Cazar al Cazador: Detectives Tras Criminales de Lesa Humanidad by Pascale Bonnefoy

Moderator: Natalie Hartman, Duke University


Elaine Maisner, University of North Carolina Press

Peter Kornbluh, National Security Archive, George Washington University

Pascale Bonnefoy, Instituto de la Comunicación e Imagen, Universidad de Chile

Key Note Address – 
Feminist struggles in Latin America: temporalities
of revolt

Introduction: Jocelyn Olcott, Duke University       

Speaker: Verónica Gago, Universidad de Buenos Aires and Instituto de Altos Estudios, Universidad Nacional de San Martín

Verónica Gago teaches political science at the University of Buenos Aires and is professor of sociology at the Instituto de Altos Estudios, Universidad Nacional de San Martín. As a researcher at the National Council of Research (CONICET), she is also part of GIIF (Group for Feminist Research and Intervention). Gago is the author of Neoliberalism from Below: Popular Pragmatics and Baroque Economies (Tinta Limón 2014, Duke University Press, 2017), is co-author of A Feminist Reading of Debt, with Luci Cavallero (Rosa Luxemburg 2019, Criacao Humana 2019 and Ombre Corte 2020) and of numerous articles published in journals and books throughout Latin America, Europe and the United States. She is a member of the independent radical collective press Tinta Limón. She was part of the militant research experience Colectivo Situaciones, and she is now a member of Ni Una Menos.

pic of Veronica Gago