Brazilian congress and statue

The theme for this year’s Latin American Politics working group is “Political Hurdles in Latin America and the Caribbean.” This working group aims to unite graduate students interested in Latin American politics from both Duke and UNC in order to expose them to current advancements in Latin American Politics, emerging research in the field, and methods used by Latin American scholars in Political Science.  Working group activities will allow graduate students and faculty the opportunity to meet with scholars in the field and learn about their ongoing research projects, and will offer graduate students a forum to present their own research and receive feedback from fellow students and faculty.  Specifically the working group will organize seminars with guest speakers, meetings in which graduate students present their work, a mini-conference, and a book club.


Prof. Pablo Beramendi (Political Science, Duke,
Prof. Jonathan Hartlyn (Political Science, UNC,
Prof. Evelyne Huber (Political Science, UNC,
Prof. Herbert Kitschelt (Political Science, Duke,
Prof. Cecilia Martínez Gallardo (Political Science, UNC,
Prof. Santiago Olivella, (Political Science, UNC-Chapel Hill,
Prof. Karen Remmer (Political Science, Duke,
Prof. Livia Schubiger (Political Science, Duke, )
Prof. Erik Wibbels (Political Science, Duke,
Nicolás De la Cerda (Political Science, UNC)
Isabel Laterzo
(Political Science, UNC)
Mateo Villamizar Chaparro (Political Science, Duke)

Upcoming Events
Past Events

Monday, October 26 @ 12pm

Lucas Novaes flyer

Wednesday, November 4 @ 1pm

image for Eduardo Moncada event