The Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies has developed a close partnership with the UNC School of Education. Current collaborations include:

a virtual exchange program which matches pre-MAT and MAT students with an education student from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador, to discuss how various educational theories can be implemented in their home countries (for an example of collaborative work created by our STAR Fellows, watch this short video on Teaching as a Profession, created by Hundley Rhyne (UNC) and Viviana Paredes Guerra (USFQ).

For more information, watch the STAR Information Session video

an opportunity for UNC School of Education students to learn about experiential education by either traveling to Quito, Ecuador, or to meet visiting students from Universidad San Francisco de Quito during their visit to the United States. ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19

For more information about any of these collaborations, contact Dr. Kristin Papoi (